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Thank You

Hello!  Well, the end has come and gone - the apprenticeship is officially over! I am a bundle of thoughts and feelings regarding the apprenticeship, but thank goodness we gave a sermon at the end of May to reflect on it all. With May came finishing out our last small group, studying the Old Testament all over again, finishing up our classes, end-of-year celebrations, and an appropriate amount of tears. God has blessed me immensely with the group of people I’ve gotten to call friends, family, and ultimately, home. We celebrated the end of Bible Bootcamp with a taco lunch! Banquet We ended our year at Collin with a bang by throwing a banquet at Northeast church! It was complete with dancing, Rosa’s tacos, a superhero themed slideshow, and an awkward photo booth (courtesy of me). Here are some funky fresh photos that captured the night in all of its glory: Dance party! The main Preston Ridge crew looking snazzy Everyone gettin' down at the dance party

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