Best Foot Forward

Happy February everyone! I hope this blog post finds you well!


Looking back on last February, it's easy to see the blessings that God has poured into my life through FOCUS over the past year. Gosh, He has given me so much - so many trials to grow through, people to love and be loved by, mentors, friends, and growth. Our FOCUS staff especially. I cannot begin to describe the thanks I have for our staff team and how much they pour into us (the apprentices). I have been tremendously blessed by their love, and hearts for God and campus ministry. They have impacted me so much, and remembering always reminds me what love I have to offer others.

 If you have people in your life that have loved you well, I encourage you to reach out and send them a text. It's amazing what a little thankfulness can do!


Speaking of thanks, our students took a trip to our 2019 FOCUS Winter Camp a couple weeks ago, and have come back ready to put their best foot forward.  Winter Camp is our 3 day camp out in Sky Ranch that all of our FOCUS campuses go to (UTA, UNT, UTD, Collin, etc) for the sake of fellowship, worship, learning, and connection with God. I am so thankful for how God moved during that time. At our first small group of the year, our ladies talked about their motivation to spread God's Word and their new passion to be involved in community. I was blown away. Praise God for that!

Our Core after we conquered the zip line! 

The ladies and I waiting for our guest speaker, John Stackhouse!

Turn Up the Heat 

Our staff is moving into the new semester with new eyes, new feedback, and bigger goals, I think. Our goal for the remainder of the year is to heat up three things in our community: scripture, outreach, and one-on-ones. Our community puts a lot of value on one-on-one relationships, so this is a big one. And outreach looks different this semester because we're trying to encourage students to meet people on their own without the help of an event. It's still in its infant phase but we're working on it. And of course, we're continuing the push and the message that scripture is a crazy big part of knowing God and pursuing Him. Considering how the push to read more scripture went last semester, I'm hopeful and expectant for how outreach and one-on-ones go.

Collin College at Winter Camp! Go Cougs! Betcha can't spot me. 


  • For our students to catch the vision of making disciples
  • For health! Flu season is upon us and everyone is still getting sick! 
  • For God to intervene in the lives of students with unhealthy families (divorce, abuse, neglect, etc) 
  • Mental health recovery across campuses and the world. 

Thank you for joining me in the mission. Let me know how I can pray for you!

With love, 

Pastoral Apprentice at Collin College


  1. Hey Sam, thanks for sharing! I'm encouraged by the goals you have for your Collin students. I think 1:1s, outreach, and depth in Scripture are three of the most important things students can do to grow in their faith! I am praying for you guys as you promote those values in your community. Keep up the good work!


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