Marching On

Howdy partners!

March went by in a blink of an eye and now we're marching on into April. 

SSI Week, Y’all

Our last wacky group photo with the Washington crew :(

Last week, we had students from Western Washington University (WWU) join us weirdos at Collin for a week that we call Spring Student Impact (SSI).  You might be wondering why in the world they would visit us and boy am I stoked to tell ya. FOCUS has a partnership with a ministry at WWU called Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF).

Each year, they send a team of students that volunteer to sacrifice their spring break to serve different areas all over the nation and even overseas. Because of our partnership, we get to host them each year while they serve our campuses by spending hours meeting new students and praying over our ministry. How neat!

Our Thursday Night Fellowship meeting was PACKED OUT. It was so neat!

Our SSI students killed it. So many people showed up to our Thursday Night Fellowship meeting last week. Cody (another staff person) and I has to scramble to add more chairs to the 140 we set out because so many people were coming in. If you ask me, that's a good problem to have. Granted, numbers are not everything, but it sure it special to worship with so many people interested in exploring life with Christ. 

The SSI students enjoying their down time with a good ol' game of GUBS.
Our Global Awareness activity at Collin College - Central Park.
And boy, was it a blast. We spent Monday-Thursday from 10AM-2PM meeting students on our campuses. It was a privilege to evangelize with them and participate in them experiencing the way north Texans respond to faith as opposed to people in the Northwest. Our staff dedicated our whole week to serving them breakfast, doing outreach, and chauffeuring them around DFW. 

And before we knew it, we’d all become friends! So not only did we gain helpers, but we also found friends in our Kingdom siblings from Washington. Big thanks to you guys for sacrificing your spring break to visit us Texans. We love y’all, you crazy Washingtonians.

Our SSI students literally did life with us. This is us worshipping together at our Leader Meeting.

                The SSI crew sitting outside after their devotional time (featuring my shoes). 

 Spring Showcase

This Saturday, we're hosting our annual Spring Showcase benefit show and you're invited!! You know how students from Washington came to us last week? Well, this is our opportunity to send our people to them. Each year, FOCUS sends a group of students to Western Washington for a conference called the Student Institute of Campus Ministry (SICM). But this conference ain't any ol' conference.

This is a 10-day conference with the goal of growing and teaching college students about leadership in campus ministry and discipleship. They spend hours in classes learning about one-on-one ministry, facilitating small groups, ministering with scripture, navigating tough conversation, and the importance of following God in all things.

So how does Spring Showcase fit into this? It's a benefit show and art sale solely for the purpose of raising money for our students to attend SICM. Not all of them can afford to go, so as a ministry, we pull our heads and talents together to organize a show and get them funded! 

Please consider joining us or at the very least, donating to the cause! SICM has played a huge role in growing and preparing our students to serve more effectively in whatever church or ministry they take part in. Donate or buy tickets here:

Here's a throwback to my SICM year! Look at those bangs. 

Marching On

Last but not least, it's about time to officially announce that I will not be staying with FOCUS after the apprenticeship. This isn't because I did not enjoy my time here, but rather a choice to move towards becoming more disciplined with a schedule and trying my hand at my degree. I absolutely love FOCUS and these people, and I absolutely love the skills that God gave me the opportunity to hone in college, so I'm excited to explore this new aspect of my life. God has been so good to me.

A well-crafted novel couldn't even begin to explain half the love and goodness I've received from being an apprentice this year. I owe all of my supporters, friends, and family the biggest thanks for helping me do this. It's seriously helped me grow, impact others, and hopefully lead them closer to Jesus. I love the Lord! And I love you guys for following Him towards supporting my work in the ministry. I could not have done this without you. Thank you!!

Ways to Pray

  • Preston Ridge Women's Core - for their spiritual growth and faith in Jesus
  • Healing and comfort for some of our Core girls' family member (broken bones, Alzheimers, etc)
  • Spring Showcase - please pray that we will raise enough money to send our invited students to Washington! 
  • Sickness and flood destruction in Mozambique (there's an outbreak of cholera down there!)




  1. Hey Sam! I am also so encouraged each year by the students who join us for SSI. Most people (myself included) would choose to spend spring break relaxing or partying, but those students devote their whole week to reaching total strangers for Jesus. It is a humbling encouragement/challenge to be with them for that week. Thanks for sharing about your crew at Collin!
    Also, I am excited for your future after the apprenticeship. God has taught you a lot this year, and I know you will faithfully take those lessons into whatever career you choose!

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