Happy October everyone!

Just like the weather, this last month was full of all kinds unpredictability. Some days were sweet and breezy, maybe even a little rainy with a lot of laughter mixed in. Others were busy and long, but well spent with people I'm learning to love more every passing day. This month has been a mix of camps, studies, new students, goofiness, trial, error, and a lot of thanksgiving. I'm in awe of the God we get to serve.

For outreach last week, we asked Springcreek students answer "What memories have shaped your view of God".  We had several interesting conversations come up! 

I can't write a blog post without mentioning how much I've loved starting up one-on-ones with our Preston Ridge ladies. This is an integral part of our ministry as a staff and campus - it's our goal to give as many people we can the opportunity to dig into scripture in a one-on-one setting with a bible study we call Focus on Jesus or FOJ. Studying FOJ as a college sophomore radically altered my view of Jesus, God, and the Word and now I get to give that to people I meet today. What a joy! Studying with these ladies one-on-one has already proven to be so fun, humbling, and a reminder of why Jesus walked with the 12 instead of 1000.

While all of our students get new ones, I'm faithfully using my older FOJ book to study with them. As you can see, its got plenty of marks and coffee stains. It's a trooper! 

Speaking of Scripture, Alex and I hosted a small "Scripture and Hangs" event one Saturday morning to get our students diving into the book of Micah. We took time to chat, eat breakfast, read the whole book of Micah, and mull over Scripture together. I loved getting to talk and ask questions over a good cup of tea and a plate of cinnamon rolls in such a small group. It was nice and refreshing to hear different ideas, questions, and persepectives, all the while learning along the way.

So many Bibles and notebooks! Big thanks to everyone who came to grub and get into Scripture that day. Stay tuned for more!

On September 23-24, we had our Fall Camp for Collin College students. Fall Camp is one weekend where we take our students to a camp for 48 hours to cast a vision for community, worship God, and play games. It's such a good time to take your mind off of school and get it on Jesus and forming relationships. We played lots of goofy games, took lots of goofy pictures, and shared our stories with one another on "walk n' talks".  These girls are becoming my closest friends - slowly, but surely. It's funny how you can never predict who is going to mean so much to you in the long run!

My homie and I got tired so we decided to curl up in some hammocks. It was a great idea until it started raining, but hammocks are suprisingly good rain-shields.

These are the Preston Ridge women that came to Fall Camp! Go Cougs!

We played a lot of goofy indoor games inside the chapel, including Rock-Paper-Scissors hopscotch. Let me tell ya, these students take games to the next level. 

And of course, the obligatory silly picture. Shout out to my girl Caitlyn for her mad cheerleading skills. I don't think I could ever lift my leg that high. 

I am so thankful that I get to do ministry with FOCUS. The fact that I get to spend 10-months studying scripture, meeting students, teaching and learning about Jesus, and receiving help from mentors and peers so that I can be a better minister is a gift that I can't quite fathom yet. It blows me away how good our God is, and I can't do this without you. Thank you so much for keeping up and joining me on this mission!

Prayer Requests:

  • For our students to find peace in the midst of struggling with anxiety and depression
  • For our students to catch a heart for Scripture and sharing it
  • That I can continue to be motivated, energetic, and open to God's plan for Collin
  • Health - a lot of our staff and students are getting sick. We need all the help and Vitamin C we can get!
Let me know how I can pray for you! I'd love to play a role in your own journey with God. 




  1. Hey Sam! Those are some cute camp pictures. I'm glad to see that the rain didn't stop you guys from having a great camp! Also I love your Scripture and Hangs event - what a neat idea. Love you Sam!

  2. I enjoyed reading all your updates and events. Keep up the good work. I love you and God bless you on all the good work you are doing. Love Aunt Wanda.

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