The Shortest of Months!

Hello fellow friends and family!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We seriously cannot do this without you. Now that I've finally settled into the ebbs and flows of the Spring semester, I've been able to reflect more on what God is doing here at Collin and all over our campuses. There is healing, for sure. Love, certainly. Mistakes, definitely. Faithfulness, undoubtedly. God is so good.

I hope that everyone's February went well. I'm excited for what God is going to do in March!

After Winter Camp, our schedules cooled down a bit and our ministry was able to settle in and take a cool down. Of course, we're busy meeting with students, preparing for our semester, and learning more what it is to be a team after God's own heart. But I know that as the winds pick up in March, we'll be grateful for these past few weeks.


A couple weeks ago, we hosted our Collin Focus annual Family Night. This is a night where students bring their family or people they consider family to our Thursday Night gathering. It's a stellar opportunity for families to get a peek at what their student got involved in, who they're spending time with, and what FOCUS is all about. I loved getting to meet the families of the girls in our core and other people in the ministry. It's always a treat to meet the people who love them most and have guided them towards becoming the person I call friend today. Thanks parents and families! 

Worship at Family Night! 

Look at all those humans!


Last weekend, FOCUS had it's semesterly Pizza Theology! This event is seriously my favorite, and if you're ever interested, please come!! This time, we covered the story of Exodus. Exodus is such a foundational story in the grand scheme of the Bible and our faith. Instead of a guest speaker, our staff took on the task of walking us through, and they crushed it! Together, we learned lots about Moses, the tabernacle, the law, and how it all led to the Jesus we call Lord today.

UTD Staff Member Rhett Hayes teaching us how to read Hebrew narrative.

Q&R Panel at Pizza Theology. We packed the room!


Looking forward, with March comes a few exciting things. We have Spring Break, but even better, after that our Student Spring Initiative (SSI) students are travelling in from Washington. These students come down to good ol' north Texas just to spread the gospel and help us carry out the mission of Christ on our campuses, and as staff, we get to be with them all week and serve them. I've never gotten to be a huge part of SSI week, so I'm pumped that I get to be a part of the action this year.

Also, one of our staff, Garrett, is having his second child this month! How cool! So many things to praise and pray for.

Ways you can pray:

  • Pray that our students spend Spring Break safely and responsibly. 
  • Pray that our SSI students would travel safely and be blessed by their experience here. 
  • Pray that Garrett's child is delivered safely and is healthy as can be!
  • A prayer of thanks for God's work on our campus the past 6 months or so! 
Thank you guys so much for supporting me and keeping up with the blog. These students are growing and getting to know Jesus because of people like you who believe in me, and the mission of God. Wanna hear about lives being impacted by God? Check out the student testimony below!

'Til next time, 



  1. Hey Sam! Thanks for sharing. Family Night is one of my favorite times of the year in ministry. I love getting to hear from the parents of students how their kids have been transformed by Jesus and how the FOCUS community has helped facilitate that transformation. It's encouraging to hear from parents who have prayed for their kids, worried about sending them off to college, and find comfort knowing that their kids are still walking with the Lord.

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